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The Nothing Boy (S/X, Rated R, 5/?)

Ugh... Unbeta'ed, and probably full of grammar issues, due to a monster-headache.

Title: The Nothing Boy
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Chapter: 5/?
Chapter Rating: PG-13 (language)
Story Rating: R
Summary: Xander wants Spike. The hyena knows it. Tuesday was the last straw.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine. At all.
Warnings: Hyena!Xander, Rough sex later.

Chapter One: http://qwerty-lee.livejournal.com/1421.html#cutid1
Chapter Two: http://qwerty-lee.livejournal.com/1759.html#cutid2
Chapter Three: http://qwerty-lee.livejournal.com/1829.html
Chapter Four: http://qwerty-lee.livejournal.com/2257.html#cutid2




“Yeah.” Xander concurred, sucking the marrow from a pathetically thin chicken bone. “But not bad.”


Pig tomorrow.


Snorting out loud, he ground his teeth into the bone and dropped the empty bucket to the ground. “Sure. If we can find one.” He stretched out on his park bench lazily, yawning wide and scratching his stomach as he debated whether or not this was the best place to take a nap. After all, this is Sunnydale.


But something told him he didn’t have to worry about fledges too much. Especially since the last group that passed him practically headed for the hills the second they caught whiff of his scent. He guessed fledges weren’t too eager to get into a fight with a sleeping hyena-man, no matter how hungry they were.


Yawning loud and lazy, he scrubbed a hand through his dark waves and draped himself over the bench in the most comfortable position he could find. He liked being outside now. Loved it. He could smell everything, hear everything, see every moving shadow. Everything was heightened. The world was a brand new place. Things that once seemed like nothing to him… Well, now….


There’s a rabbit seven yards away. It was finding its way home to its burrow. If he was still hungry, he would’ve picked it off by now. But he was sated. He wanted rest. He wanted his pack, his mate, to curl around him and give him warmth.


You will have Him when you smell like Him, and He knows you…


“That’ll be a while, then.” He muttered, shaking his head at the thought. Spike didn’t know him. Spike barely cared. In fact, he probably wouldn’t mind if some big nasty made lunch out of him, considering his ‘graceful’ slayage technique was basically a combination of dodging fangs and falling over tombstones. Spike liked… Strength. And power. With a dash of ‘fuck you’.


That wasn’t Xander Harris. Xander Harris had all the ‘fuck you’ beat out of him by the time he was twelve.


“Hungry, were you?”


He opened one eye, green glinting sharp for a minute before it faded into the brown everyone knew. “I was.” He grinned, letting his body arch into a full-bodied stretch that showed off everything no one seemed to notice. “You want a taste?”


“Of them? No.” Spike spike’s steps were methodical, but far from cautious. He took his time, sharp blue eyes crystallized on him as he moved toward the bench. For a minute, Xander wondered why he didn’t smell him right away. Then he realized he was down-wind.


Xander smiled, slightly feral. He did his best to look innocent. “I was talking about the KFC.”


“Really?” He sounded nonchalant, but as he leaned over him, meeting his eyes, he looked deadly. A cool ruthlessness glazed over his features, hardening them, but his lips fought a curl that they couldn’t smooth away. He was amused. “I was talkin’ about the two stoners dumb enough to try beatin’ the munchies at midnight in Sunnyhell.”


He didn’t answer, meeting his eyes head-on and letting his own lips curl into a smirk he’d never worn before. God, the way the vamp was looking at him… He couldn’t help reaching up to touch. Taking liberties that felt all-too right, he reached up and grazed his fingers down his cheekbone, almost playfully.


Spike let his smile grow. It occurred to Xander that the only times he’d seen him smile like that were at his expense. “Ye look good with blood on ye, Pet.”


He’d never called him ‘Pet’ before.


This is a trap… His common sense sighed, even as the hyena screamed for him to take. He licked his lips, and Spike’s eyes fell to his tongue, and he knew right then that even if it was, he still had him. “Oh yeah?”




Careful, careful, careful… He reminded himself over and over, even as his eyes chose to be reckless. The boy licked his lips, and the pink of his tongue spreading wetness over that skin was enough to fascinate him.


It didn’t help that he was already off his game.


The sight before him did not compute. Droopy Harris transformed, suddenly looking like sex and smelling like blood, offering his ass on a silver platter. To him.


Christ, it was pretty. And hell if that thought didn’t scare him.


Especially since he was damn near ready to take what was being offered.


It had to be the predator. Like calling to like, that’s all. His demon was all too happy with the looks of this treat, this kitten with brand new claws. But he couldn’t get around the fact that this was Harris of all people. God, he… He’d never thought the boy was all that much, to be honest. Just a tasty little morsel with a White Hat complex. No strength, no skill, very limited intelligence. He was... negligible. Or he would be, if he didn’t provide such amusement to the sadist in him.


Boy was in the background, and he never looked twice.


He was beginning to think that was a mistake.


“Yeah.” He murmured, a little surprised by how much he meant it. The boy was a sight like that, splattered with dark red. Lovely. “Ye look good. Makes me want a taste.” Leaning in low, temptingly close, he let his own hand carefully reach out and touch, brushing a deep brown wave of hair from the boy’s eyes before he even knew it was doing.


Jesus Christ-! His mind fought to stay calm, but obviously he was having… reactions to the kid, and they weren’t typical. Worse still, his body seemed to have developed a mind of its own. His hand slid from that dark hair, gingerly trailing down past his cheek, nails grazing the pulse just beneath his chin as they continued their way down his neck. He didn’t remember telling his hand to do that. But Harris looked pleased, closing his eyes with a nearly inaudible growl and sinking into the touch.


He could bite him. He could bite him right here, and he’d probably love it. He could see his eyes, popping open wide and full of that dark sweetness as his fangs pierced that sweet-spot just beneath his skin, taking him from relaxed to trembling with ecstasy…


Fuck... Spike’s mind was reeling, far too distracted by the dreams it conjured to worry about the damn plan. Just get him back to his flat… He’d reasoned on his way here. Deal with the damn beast there… But now he was stuck, captured and claimed by what was obviously a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


“You should take one, Spike.” Harris sighed, craning his neck at that perfect angle. The one that made vamps suddenly realize how hungry they were.


“I should.” He heard himself sigh, and he knew he was screwed, but he didn’t know just how screwed until the Useless Scooby reached up, slid a hand over his neck and dragged him into a kiss he hadn’t prepared for. At all.


This kiss… It wasn’t a ‘good’ kiss. It wasn’t ‘hot’, or ‘passionate’, or even ‘amazing’; these were understatements. Insulting understatements. No, this kiss started with a whisper of tongue along those bitter, bloody lips, and ended with his hands tearing at the boy’s hair in sheer desperation. Tongues struggled to keep up, fighting each other for every taste they could get. In a moment of triumph, his teeth ripped into Harris’ lip, and the kid just pushed closer. Like the pain was all he really wanted. It was messy, greedy, and so full of filthy lust that he had to yank himself back in alarm.


He swore he felt his undead heart slam headlong into his ribcage, like a fucking warning shot.


Harris didn’t stop. He nipped at Spike’s jaw, trailing deadly little bites down his throat, making the vamp’s knees embarrassingly weak, until he finally ripped himself away completely.


“Let’s do this at your place.” He hissed, hauling the boy from his bench. Just get him back to his flat… He reminded himself. We can deal with the bitch there…


Xander’s hand ghosted down his spine, and slid over his ass like it was the most natural thing in the world.


Jesus… Spike fought back the urge to pin him to the nearest tree. This boy should come with a warning label…


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