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I Know It's Up For Me...

If you steal my sunshine...

19 December
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So, apparently this is no longer a mule account. This is my Spander account. Guess I should write an actual bio here, since I now have friends on this one. <3

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA. I'm now living in a suburb of Philly, snoozing through an English degree, glaring at the approaching graduate work with much foreboding. I want to be a librarian. When people in the RL ask me why, I tell them I love books, and I like research. But in reality, I'm just looking for a steady job that gives me ample time to write things. Like cruddy fanfiction. I swing both ways, but I'm not swinging either way at the moment, due to my (fear of any sort of romantic entanglement, and) scholarly commitments. I love cats, books, unhealthy food, and finding new/obscure hobbies.